About Us

Welcome to Burnt Pixel Development Studios.

Burnt Pixel is a privately held company based in Tallinn, Estonia which specialises in iPhone and iPad development. Serving both the Estonian and International markets, we’re passionate about leveraging technology to deliver exceptional solutions that exceed out customers expectations.

Our developing and programming personnel are highly skilled professionals. They have a great experience in their areas of expertise. Every new project of our company is based on joint efforts of our team members who use all reasonable diligence and work wholeheartedly to fulfil every task in the project.

We believe that regardless of what the software is designed to do, it should be easy and enjoyable to use. With every application we create, we spend a lot of time thinking about what the end user sees when they use our application–not what a developer sees.

For mobile applications, our focus is on Apple’s ecosystem of “iDevices”. The iPhone and iPod touch offer a way to provide tools and access to data on the go and the iPad’s larger screen allows for near-desktop class software to be created for it. Also, with an install base of 100M, our applications can be used by a large percentage of smart phone owners around the world.